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Rescue Me

Book 1

About the Book

He rescues her from a creep on a city bus. Will she rescue his heart?

Chelsea Andrews can’t decide who’s more dangerous—the creep on the Toronto city bus, or the handsome stranger who rescues her. Was he acting as he claimed, or is he that weird in real life? She doesn’t stick around to find out. Fate intervenes when her rescuer, out of work actor Matt Malone, sublets the apartment across the hall. Chelsea soon discovers the most dangerous thing about her charming new neighbor is the damage he’s inflicting on her heart.

Or is it? Soon after Matt moves in, creepy unsigned romantic notes begin showing up at the art gallery where she works. Then she’s followed home from the bus stop late one night, and sentimental keepsakes go missing from her apartment. Though all the evidence points to Matt, Chelsea doesn’t want to believe the funny, sincere man she’s falling in love with could be the culprit.

Matt is at a crossroads. He’s given up a lot for his acting career and it’s given him little in return. Should he continue? When he moves in across the hall from Chelsea, he begins to believe he could have it all, love and career. But those hopes are dashed when he discovers what she believes he’s capable of.

Chelsea must decide whether Matt is the man of her dreams or her worst nightmare. And Matt has to decide what, and who, is truly important to him.

If you like your sweet romance with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of mystery, you'll love RESCUE ME by Jana Richards.

Heat Level: Sweet

Rescue Me

Also in the Victorian Mansion series

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