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#NewRelease from Margot Johnson - SOME OTHER WAY

Fellow Wild Rose Press author Margot Johnson visits today with a look at her new release SOME OTHER WAY. Margot and I are both Canadian and met through our writing group, the Saskatchewan Romance Writers. I'm so happy to have her on my blog and I'm excited about her new release. Welcome Margot!

Book Cover of SOME OTHER WAY- man and woman with a dog

I’m excited to introduce my sixth book, Some Other Way! It releases April 15 and is available now for pre-sale on Amazon.

Some Other Way explores themes of motherhood, second chances, and competition. I know a young woman who gave up a baby in a private, open adoption, and she has remained involved in her child’s life in a surrogate-aunt type of relationship. Hearing about that experience was the seed of an idea that grew into Some Other Way.

While the plots differ, all my books have a few things in common.

·         Determined women who chase their dreams.

·         Characters who tend to love dogs, especially golden retrievers (which happens to be my favorite.)

·         Happy endings—because who doesn’t want everything to work out okay in the end (even when it seems impossible)?

Speaking of happy, I’ve started posting about all kinds of happy things because in real life, we can all use more good news, happy thoughts and amusing anecdotes to make us smile. I’d love to hear your additions. Dog photos are always welcome too!

Now, a bit more about Some Other Way

Maybe what she wants is not what she needs


Jayne Jones is not as plain as her mother makes her feel. Her life is full as surrogate aunt to her birth daughter, given up in open adoption five years ago, and as leader of the Adopt-a-Dog service. 

More than anything, Jayne wants to expand the overcrowded dog shelter on a coveted piece of adjacent land.  When Dr. Evan Scott, her high school crush, returns to his hometown to enlarge the local medical clinic on the very same property, he complicates everything. 

Now her formidable opponent, Evan is ready to forget past hurts and embrace a fresh start with the cute girl—now attractive woman—he remembers. But should Jayne bare her heart to the good-looking newcomer? And will her open secret change his mind?


Within seconds, the bleachers cleared, and Jayne found herself seated alone until Evan slid in beside her. Straightening, she stared at the dwindling fire. Now what? She contained a shiver.

“Might as well avoid the rush.” Evan rubbed his gloved hands together. “Feels like winter’s coming.”

“I agree.” The weather was a safe topic. If she avoided anything too personal, she’d feel more comfortable. But she couldn’t delay forever. She should tell Evan about Cara. Maybe someone had already whispered the details. She could let the rumor mill do its work, but that approach just didn’t seem right. He continued to seek her company. She needed to own her mistake and her decision, and she wanted him to know exactly who he pursued.

“Evan…” Jayne squinted at the embers glowing through white ashes and blackened wood. She folded her arms. “I need to tell you something…”

Pre-Order Links:

Margot Johnson’s bio:

Romance author Margot Johnson

Margot grew up in a family of writers and has always loved books and writing. Creating stories people love has been her lifelong dream. Now she’s the author of the romances Love Takes Flight, Love Leads the Way, and her new release, Some Other Way. She has also authored the Merilee Tours novella series, Let it Snowball, Let it Melt, and Let it Simmer.


Before turning her focus to the fun writing life, Margot held leadership roles in human resources and communications. When not writing, she loves to connect with family and friends, volunteer with SK Writers’ Guild, and walk at least 10,000 steps a day (except when it’s minus 40 outside!)  She lives in the Canadian prairies with her husband.


Website:  Facebook: MargotJohnsonAuthor  Twitter: @AuthorMargot


Apr 02

Love that cover, Margot...and the title, too. Good luck with it. - Liz Flaherty

Apr 03
Replying to

Thank you, Liz! I'm really happy to hear you like the title and cover! ~ Margot


Apr 02

Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Jana! It's always great to connect with readers and other authors. Margot


Apr 02

I salute you for your 10,000 steps a day! And I enjoyed the excerpt from your book :) Wishing you all the best. Barb Bettis

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