Welcome to my World – Where love finds laughter, adventure and sometimes the unexpected, no matter the decade.

Thank you for dropping by! I love to write in almost as many romance genres as I love to read. So many genres, so little time!

I have a little something for everyone. If you like romantic comedy, try my Left at the Altar series, including Her Best ManThere Goes the Groom, and Always a Bridesmaid. Each book in the series begins with a wedding disaster that’s funny for the reader, not so funny for the person left at the altar.  Burning Love is a comedy about two interfering, match-making angels who bring together a fireman and girl prone to setting cooking fires. Heaven help us!

For those who like romantic suspense with a dash of the paranormal, try Seeing Things. Flawless is a romantic suspense novel set in occupied France during World War Two, complete with spies and the French Resistance.

And speaking of World War Two, Home Fires tells the story of a young British woman who travels to Canada in 1945 to marry her Canadian fiancé, only to discover he’s already married someone else. Her ex-fiancé’s mother has a suggestion – marry her other son.

If you’re a contemporary romance junkie, I can fix you up right here. A Long Way from EdenThe Girl Most Likely, and First and Again will surely satisfy.

So come on in and look around. Make yourself at home. And settle down with a good book.

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